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March 7,2018

Flood Reconnect Inspection Form

If your meter was disconnected due to flooding conditions and you are ready to be reconnected click HERE.





Flood Notice

Yazoo Valley Electric Power Association closely monitors flooding along waterways that affect our members. When flooding begins, some entire lines must be de-energized until the flooding ends. We take extraordinary measures to secure lines and equipment to maintain service in the affected areas, and Yazoo Valley seeks to maintain electric service wherever possible. However, public safety will ultimately determine whether a line remains in service.

Yazoo Valley’s first duty is to maintain public safety. Therefore, electric service has been and will be disconnected to dwellings, other buildings and services that cannot be safely served. If water can reach any part of the electrical service—wiring, breaker panels or electric meter—an electrical hazard exists and service will be discontinued. There are also cases when entire lines must be de-energized even when every meter served by that line is not in danger of flooding. If your meter needs to be disconnected, do not attempt to do this yourself. Call Yazoo Valley immediately. We will send personnel to properly and safely disconnect your electrical service.  

If your residence or property is flooded or if your meter has been de-energized for the possibility of flooding, it will be necessary to have a qualified electrician inspect and approve the electrical equipment and wiring at your location before we can reconnect your service. If no water flooded your structure, you can sign a waiver stating this and be reconnected. During this time of emergency Yazoo Valley will not charge to disconnect or reconnect your electric meter. However, the proper form must be completed and returned to Yazoo Valley when you are ready to be reconnected. It is available on our website.

As the water rises in the flood plain, transportation, in most cases, will be limited to boats.  Boaters should take extra precaution to watch for power lines. In some low-lying areas, water levels may reach high-voltage power lines. Use extreme caution and do not go near a power line in a boat or other vehicle

We pledge to work with our community and our members to ease the burden created by flooding. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at 662-746-4251.





​​February 20, 2018

The Board of Directors for Yazoo Valley Electric recently made changes to the by-laws of the Association. Click here to read. Also a paper copy of the by-laws may be obtained at our office in Yazoo City at 2255 Gordon Avenue.





January 17,2018


Beginning early this morning we asked our members to conserve power by turning off all unnecessary lights and appliances. Our request to conserve energy was the first time we've ever made such a broad public appeal of this kind. It was a big, scary event. We've never been here before.

Yazoo Valley, along with ten other rural electric cooperatives in Mississippi, owns a share of a Generation and Transmission Company called Cooperative Energy. Cooperative Energy produces, buys and sells energy for the eleven member systems. Cooperative Energy as well as Entergy Mississippi are members of a 14-state electrical grid called MISO. MISO has been great for rate-payers because it provides the opportunity to purchase energy at the lowest possible rate on a daily basis. The MISO map is a large slice of the middle part of America from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico. The weather system that passed through Mississippi yesterday also passed through the entire mid-continent. Electric demand reached record levels this morning as the arctic cold settled on our region.

The production of electricity is instantaneous and dependent upon the efficient operation of very complex systems. MISO requires that the generation of electricity always has a margin of capacity above peak demand. Extreme cold weather creates many challenges for operating a power production facility. When a large capacity generator trips off line (which triggered the event this morning), reserve capacities are lost and must be made up in other ways or the grid could collapse.

Cooperative Energy was prepared for this event. All available generation was on line and producing far more energy than the load required. But the electrical grid is interconnected and electricity is not an unlimited resource. We are required to keep a balanced electrical grid, both by the laws of physics and by MISO operating agreements. There are consequences if either is broken. This morning there were several unforced outages across the MISO footprint that created a critically low reserve of electric power.

The good news: we haven't had to initiate "rolling blackouts." The voluntary reduction gave us the required reliability margin. So far it has worked! BTW, we also expect that some of the generation units that tripped will be back in service later today.

We regret the anxiety and inconvenience that this has caused. We'll work on our communications strategies and try to open up more channels to provide accurate reporting of anything affecting your service. Not every member of MISO asked for a voluntary reduction. This is troubling. Be assured, we will fight for equity for our members.

January 17,2018

The Mid-south (Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi) region is experiencing a critical shortage of electricity due to the extreme cold weather. This critical shortage includes all electrical utilities: cooperatives (like Yazoo Valley), municipal power systems and investor-owned utilities across the region. Our generation and transmission system has issued the following CRITICAL ALERT NOTICE to pass to our members:

 All of our members are asked to reduce their electricity use until further notice. Please turn off all non-essential lighting, appliances, and electronics.This is important because of the extremely low temperatures, which are placing a strain on the electrical system.

You can help by lowering your home’s thermostat to 68 degrees. Also, you can reduce your use of water heaters, electric ovens, washing machines, and dryers.


If the situation does not improve, the next step will be to enact the electric cooperative’s emergency load reduction plans, which may result in a loss of electricity for members on a rotating basis.


Yazoo Valley Electric Power Association Electric appreciates your immediate assistance.


Please Note:

At this time, this does not apply to members dependent upon life supporting medical devices; however, consider making plans for these individuals in case interruption of electric service becomes necessary.








December 28, 2017

Yazoo Valley's Online Bill Pay will be unavailable from December 29, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. through January 1, 2018 at 6:00 a.m.


August 11, 2017

Notice to Members

In a continuing effort to provide safe and reliable electric service to our members, Yazoo Valley EPA contracted with Progressive Solutions, LLC to perform chemical treatment of vegetation within our power-line right of way. For 2017 the majority of this work is focused on circuits R2, R3 and R4 served from our South Redwood substation and the Y2 circuit served from our Little Yazoo substation. Members with properties within the scope of this project were informed by letter on or around July 17, 2017. Those services commenced this morning and will continue over the coming weeks. Don’t be alarmed if you see workers in marked vehicles and on foot wearing bright colored vests and hard hats accessing the powerline right of way on or near your property. If you have concerns regarding this project please contact Brett Cerda at (662)746-4251. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 



May 25, 2017

Flood Reconnect Inspection Form

If your meter was disconnected due to flooding conditions and you are ready to be reconnected click HERE.


March 2, 2017

Information about Residential Solar Generation

If you are considering purchasing or installing a solar system to generate electricity at your home or business, contact us first. We require a legal contract for solar electric systems. When solar generation is connected to Yazoo Valley metered wiring at your home or business, it is also interconnected to our wholesale power provider and ultimately to the national power grid. Serious safety hazards can be created for you, our line crews and others if proper precautions are nor taken. For more information about solar generating systems, contact Michael Neely at 662-746-4251.


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